Brief History of Mediatrix Multi-Purpose Cooperative

On January 5, 1989, Fr. Alfredo Epiz, OMI called for a  meeting with the church workers of the Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Graces Cathedral together with Mr. Joel Virador, the regional  coordinator of the Task Force Detainees and the CDSMC staff. On  January 20, 1989, a sectoral consultation, which was attended by farmers, market vendors, tricycle drivers and employees, was conducted.

The objective of the sectoral cconsultation was to find a   solution to combat the loan sharks or literally called “five-six” financiers who lend money to the marginalized sectors without any documents that are usually required by banks. Money therefore is easy and every poor individual is enticed to borrow for capitalization, livelihood projects, and other financial needs.

These “five-six” financiers lend money at an interest of 10% per month or 120% per annum. For example, a loan shark lends P500.00 and takes P600.00 after two months. Hence, the name “five-six”. These poor individuals later realized that this easy money brought them to a more handicap situation and the problem of poverty became more   evident.

During the sectoral consultation, the idea of creating a “self-help” organization to respond to the problems previously discussed was raised. This gave birth to the MEDIATRIX SAVINGS AND CREDIT COOPERATIVE with the 57 pioneering members and other people coming from the four different sectors followed shortly thereafter. The Cooperative was registered by the Regional Cooperative Development Assistance Office on December 18, 1989 and was confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority on March 05, 1991.

On October 23, 2009, its Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws was amended and registered to conform to the provisions of RA No. 9520, with new registration number 9520-12000979. Through the years, the cooperative’s membership has grown in number. It has established linkages with different institutions. The remarkable growth and development of MMPC is a tribute to all past and present officers, personnel and members who have been working hard to realize the goals of the cooperative. On its 27th years in existence, MMPC is operating with  six Branch Offices and nine business centers spread though out North Cotabato, South Cotabato, Sarangani Province, Sultan Kudarat and Bukidnon. Aside from Savings and Credit, MMPC offers other services to its members such as (1) In-house Tinabangay and Kalusugan Special Savings     Deposit, (2) Hostel, (3) ATM Machine, (4) Agri-Supply, (5) Tailoring, (6) Calamity and Death Assistance, (7) Community Development Program, and others.

As a whole, the Cooperative is able to maintain the  sustainability of performance in the entire operation as looking forward in attaining the KRA’s perspective. The MEDIATRIX MULTI-PURPOSE COPERATIVE will continuously “REACHING OUT, IMPROVING MINDS, TOUCHING LIVES” of our members and its community.



MMPC Envisions: “A Globally Dynamic, Competitive and Outstanding Cooperative Nationwide”


“All Members Enjoy Better Quality of Life.”


Not for PROFIT,


But for SERVICE.



Mediatrix Multi-Purpose Cooperative Adheres to the Values Expressed in the Acronym

“MMPC DARES” Which means:

     Motivated for
     Peace and

     Responsive Enterprise for

Official Mediatrix Multi-Purpose Cooperative LOGO

Mediatrix Multi-Purpose Cooperative – Official Hymn

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